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About JobMeet

Jobmeet is a web plattform proving facilitiating encounters between companies proving job offers and employment candidates proving CVs. It is intended for installation by webmasters for example in medium- to large-sized companies, local government bodies, and professional or regional organizations. Companies can publish job offers and manage received applications. Candidates can search for, view, and apply for job offers. Both the candidate and the company can track the application status in real time.

It is implemented on top the PhpOpenBiz platform and currently only available in Spanish language..

Download and Installation

  1. Check out the code from svn into a directory under your webserver:
    svn co
  2. Create the mysql database:
    mysql> CREATE DATABASE jobmeet;
    mysql> GRANT ALL ON jobmeet.* TO 'jobmeet'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'jobmeet';
    mysql> source jobmeet/gensql.sql
  3. Make sure the web server has write permissions to the following subdirectories:
  4. Point your webbrowser to the url under which you installed JobMeet.
    The admin user is created in gensql.sql. The username and password generated by default are 'admin' and 'admin', respectively.

Demo Site

An online demo is available here.
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